Accumulation of junk keeps on increasing with the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic. The reason for this is that the collection services are lowered due to social distancing, concerns on the safety and health of workers, and staff absences. For those who don’t know, during the coronavirus lockdown, households generate 10% more junk. 


Of course, you’re probably very familiar with waste-related issues. It’s an issue that is shared among all countries around the world. However, for some, it is excessive enough to handle. Aside from affecting the economy, it is also affecting the environment in the long term. 

So, how you manage junk during the lockdown? Well, aside from hiring junk hauling services in Santa Maria, here are several tips you can follow: 

Surplus Sharing 

A couple of individuals have a tendency to have more resources during the pandemic. You can share things in surplus with your neighbors, either by lowering excess items or exchanging for other items.  

In addition to that, sharing items can solve in lowering the junk since a couple of these surpluses piles on the streets. You aren’t simply solving issues. However, you’re also producing stronger relationships with the people around you, especially with your neighbors.  

Responsible Consumption 

It’s the best time to consume and spend efficiently since the COVID-19 lockdown appears to constantly affect resources. One great way of lowering junk is to purchase what you only need and efficiently cook. Responsible consumption will lower wastage and food scraps.  

Aside from that, planning for meals every week lowers food waste household output. It’s the ideal time to incorporate your plans toward lesser junk and responsible consumption.  

Do Not Wish Cycle 

For those who don’t know, the process of placing non-recyclable items in the recyclable bin with the hope that it will be reused is called wish-cycling. Unfortunately, this adds issues to the people working with the recyclables.  

Since takeaway coffee cups are thrown away in household recycling bins, wish-cycling becomes extremely rampant. Cafes stop accepting reusable cups during the COVID-19 lockdown because of the fear of contagion. You should lower wish-cycling if you want to solve junk issues.  

Responsibly Donate Items 

Donating items can be helpful and not helpful during the pandemic. The junk piles up outside charity locations. This will clutter the streets. Before the charity organizations open, you should box up your donations first. Donating responsibly can help those in need, aside from lowering unwanted items.  

You shouldn’t leave your donations outside when donating. You should carefully consider what to give. This will ensure you are helping the charity organization genuinely, not just throwing away your junk. For those who don’t know, these organizations will be charged if they’ve got junk dumped outside. Thus, to avoid this problem, you should donate responsibly.  

During the lockdown, increasing junk is expected. The key to solving issues is changing your attitude towards junk. Being responsible is the best solution when it comes to junk removal. This means that you’ve got to use the 4 R’s – recover, recycle, reduce, and reuse.